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A Murphy/White Tax

After campaigning as a strong fiscal conservative, pledging to protect the taxpayer by opposing tax increases, and riding the ‘tea party wave’ back into office in November, it would seem that Rep. Jim Murphy (R-Houston) has forgotten the promises he made to his constituents on the campaign trail.

By |March 23, 2011
Rally: Keep the Teachers, Cut the Fat

A week and a half ago there was a rally in support of education at the capital. While there was a wide variety of folks attending with different backgrounds and different opinions, there were a few things it seemed everyone could agree on…

By |March 22, 2011
Gone to Texas

Having enough of Illinois’ corrupt fiscal and political mess, a former Illinois state senator says he’s “tired of subsidizing crooks” and had declared he and his family are moving to Texas.

By |March 22, 2011
Educrats Drive Waste

Do you have a “sick-leave buy back” program at your workplace? Do you have a “luxury edition” company car? – Probably not… However, taxpayer dollars are being used for both in Texas school districts.

By |March 9, 2011
Fiscal Pop-Quiz

In their first budget vote of the legislative session, House members will have the chance to prove they meant it when campaigning on a fiscally conservative platform in November. Failing on this vote will set a poor precedent for the rest of Session.

By |March 7, 2011
Republicans For Tax-Hikes?

So a Republican state senator goes to work, gets scared by the budget, advocates balancing budget by increasing taxes and spending all the savings, then declares his position is “conservative.”  Is this a joke? Because it’s not funny… It’s also what’s going on right now.

By |March 2, 2011
Dr. Z's Bad Meds

Some pretty nasty medicine was prescribed by State Rep. John Zerwas, MD, that he thinks will “dull the edge” of the current budgeting process. Sorry, doc, but yours isn’t a very sound diagnosis.

By |February 23, 2011
Eltife's Crazy Budget

Well, you should give State Sen. Kevin Eltife two points for consistency.  It seems that his knee-jerk reaction to principled, fiscally responsible public policy is to decry it as “crazy” and “insane”.

By |February 17, 2011