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Jump-Start the Volt?

One more industry is about to affix itself to the taxpayer’s already-abused wallet. The City of Austin is looking at plans to subsidize electric car charging stations, providing charge-ups on the taxpayer dime via the federal government.

By |February 15, 2011
Go For Bold

If there were ever a time for conservatives in the Texas House to act boldly in achieving good, common-sense public policy, now is it.

By |February 11, 2011
Don't Break Open The Piggy Bank

Does your home budget-making process begin with the question, “how much should I take out of savings this month?” – Didn’t think so… But apparently, it’s a common starting point for some in the Texas legislature faced with making tough budget decisions.

By |February 9, 2011
TFR Announces "Priority Legislation"

Yesterday Texans for Fiscal Responsibility mailed each member of the Texas House highlighting legislation filed for the 82nd Session that exemplifies limited government and fiscal responsibility.

By |February 2, 2011
Early Legislative Snapshot

As this legislative session gears up in Austin and most of the focus so far has been on the budget and Voter ID, the stuff that fuels our once every two year flurry continues to stockpile… bills. While some look pretty good, others are down right ugly.

By |January 27, 2011
Protecting Taxpayers

State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt has joined the ranks of other state officials pledging to oppose tax increases. This especially important as lawmakers start to work on a tight budget amid calls for new revenues.

By |January 20, 2011
Balanced Budget Without New Taxes

Today the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute proposed their roadmap for how lawmakers might go about balancing the state budget without raising taxes, keeping us competitive and helping ensure economic growth in the future.

By |January 18, 2011
Campaign Promises Matter

There’s a saying, “to make policy, you have to win politically” – and that is what conservatives did with distinction on November 2nd of last year. What’s yet to be seen is if the platform of limited government, less spending, and no new taxes championed by so many of the electoral victors will indeed be fully acted on legislatively.

By |January 18, 2011