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Sunsetting the Sunset Commission?

During a legislative session where creating more efficiency in government is essential, some legislators are examining ways to streamline the Sunset process so that it can live up to its purpose.

By |January 13, 2011
Budget Presents Opportunity to Conservatives

Much of the buzz surrounding the 82nd Legislative Session seems to be fueled by angst over writing the next state budget and how legislators will make ends meet in the face of expected budgetary “shortfall.” Conservative legislators and Texans, however, should be excited by the opportunity this process represents.

By |January 13, 2011
Principled Stand

When Joe Straus was re-elected by the House of Representatives to serve again as the state’s 3rd highest ranking constitutional officer, 17 members stood on principle, keeping their word to constituents, and did not vote for Mr. Straus.

By |January 11, 2011
Wentworth's Land Grab

Legislation being offered by Republican State Sen. Jeff Wentworth would create a massive land-grab for schools, forcing developers to sell property at or below market value.

By |January 7, 2011
Again Lefties Lead with Tax-Hikes

It seems time after time, the left’s go-to solution for budgetary issues is to “increase revenue streams” (ahem) raise taxes. More curious is that these “solutions” keep coming from the leadership team assembled by House Speaker Joe Straus.

By |January 3, 2011