An Open Letter to Parents

As you know, due to the projected reduction in tax revenues from the recent economic crisis, Texas must reduce the size of its $87 billion biennial budget by approximately $15 billion.


Build It and They Will Pay

State wide area transit authorities have been making headlines for their poor budgeting and planning. That means they are operating business as usual and taxpayers are going to be left holding the bill.

2011: The Healthcare Odyssey

Predictions are that the Texas 2011 legislative session is going be ugly. Redistricting will be at the forefront of that ugliness despite comments from the DOJ that politics will be removed from the process. Equally as impotent are the claims that a moderate Speaker will be able to keep things civil.

Rejecting Federalism Is Not Amusing

All across Texas citizens are calling for a renewed commitment to the 10th amendment and a reinvigorated adherence to the principle of Federalism and the doctrine of enumerated powers.

The Revolving Door of Healthcare Reform

As the healthcare reform world turns we see another rendition to the ever evolving proposals from Washington. This time it comes from the White House in the form of the regulation of premium levels. Although premium levels are certainly a concern, addressing high premiums by regulating them is akin to telling a patient to stop bleeding instead of addressing the gash in his leg.

The Trek Towards Socialism

While Texas remains one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bleak national economy, our federal government is on an unfettered march toward attempting to solve the problems our nation faces — real or perceived — by evoking the failed socialist policies of the past.

New direction for the GOP

Now that the dust from the election has settled, we can see more clearly the direction in which we should proceed;or can we?

Enough (Tax) Money to Burn a Wet Mule

Rarely is a verbal response to a budget surplus seen that tickles my fancy, so when it happens, there are little tingles in my arm hair.

“Cut our taxes and give it back. Don’t just waste it on junk. Just like when they need more money they raise taxes, when they have extra they should give it back.”
– Upper Valley homeowner Farzad Malekzadeh

Amen brother.