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Texas Conservative Leaders: Limit Government Growth

Members of the Texas Conservative Budget Coalition are calling on lawmakers to keep state government growth at or under 6.2% in the 2016-17 biennium. Grassroots conservative leaders and budget experts gathered this morning in Austin to unveil a fiscally conservative vision for Texas. The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), the Lone Star State’s oldest and […]

By |July 15, 2014
Alamo City transit showdown

The Alamo City is no stranger to pivotal fights in Texas. One such fight unfolding is between the city transit authority’s liberal leadership and taxpayers. Citizens opposed to a planned light-rail system have gathered the necessary petition signatures to place a city charter amendment on the November ballot that would rein-in the transit agency behind […]

By |July 14, 2014
Surplus of hindsight

State Legislators banking on a healthy state budget surplus to ease funding tensions next session are in for an unexpected comeuppance. A major state employee benefit system for retired teachers is in danger of imminent insolvency. A surprising twist to this problem is that liberal leaning Republican legislators and Democrats could see this coming and squelched […]

By |July 14, 2014
Hungry for Taxpayer Handouts

A popular political bumper sticker reads, “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.” Citizens of the small, Central Texas town of Taylor now have a reason to do both: Taylor’s City Council has given away over $200,000 in tax money to build a pizza restaurant amusement center. Even worse? They were encouraged to do […]

By |July 13, 2014
Joined at the Hip

The first day of the Texas State Democratic Party Convention gave voters important insights on the party’s relationship with organized labor and the implications in has for the Lone Star State. Texas Democrats gathered in Dallas with the stated objective of “Turning Texas Blue.” Though Democrats are said to have an uphill climb in this […]

By |June 27, 2014
The Education Debt Industrial Complex 2: The Fast Growth Debt Coalition

Recently, we reported on how school administrators, education vendors, and construction companies cooperate to influence ISD bond elections in favor of education debt. However, you might not be aware of the incestuous relationships between some elected officials and the interests that stand to reap windfalls from ISD spending and debt. Looking back at major bond elections, […]

By |June 27, 2014
TXDOT's Urban Rail Ruse

With transportation taking center stage as the crisis du jour for the state, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is seeking to maximize its legislative payout by feigning poverty. Yet somehow, despite not having enough cash to build roads, TXDOT does have the money to buy new passenger rail trains for Austin. Recall last session the […]

By |June 26, 2014
Bayou City Backwardness

Our state’s largest city is in trouble. Rising pension costs, debt service payments, and labor costs are driving a projected budget deficit for the Bayou City. Judging by the agenda of recent city council meetings, onlookers would be unlikely to see this problem or any other important issues coherently addressed. Despite this looming fiscal challenge, […]

By |June 2, 2014