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The Education Debt Industrial Complex

Spring means it’s bond season in Texas. May brings warmer weather and the opportunity to further indenture our posterity with wasteful school debt. For advocates of responsible financial stewardship by school districts, it is frustrating to see measures increasing debt and taxation consistently passing with high margins, low voter turnout and little public scrutiny. This […]

By |May 22, 2014
The Truth Discount

We recently reported on the unbelievably lopsided campaign spending between entrenched liberal incumbent, Senator Bob Deuell and grassroots activist, Bob Hall in the Republican primary race for Senate District 2. Also, we reported on how this massive spending advantage gave many in the establishment little help in the face of voter scrutiny. A post-mortem of […]

By |May 2, 2014
David vs. Goliath

Despite long odds for his conservative challenger, liberal Republican State Senator Bob Deuell is in the fight of his political life. According to Texas Ethics Commission reports, Deuell astronomically outspent his conservative challenger, entrepreneur and Tea Party activist, Bob Hall by a nearly 30-to-1 margin, running up to the 2014 primary. Even with this outrageously […]

By |March 31, 2014
New faces, same old regime

With an exceptional number of Straus committee chairs retiring from the House, the recent Republican primary election saw a large amount of open seats in play. Conservatives were able to capture some of these open seats outright on election night. Other races are yet to be decided by a runoff election on May 27th. Many […]

By |March 24, 2014
Even the dog is a Moderate

A new YouTube ad by left-leaning Republican State Representative candidate Steve Massengale should offend all voters who no longer watch Sesame Street recreationally. The deceptively child-like ad is a negative hit piece against conservative State Representative Charles Perry. The ad, which was tweeted to all 20 of Massengale’s Twitter followers (as of this writing) features […]

By |February 28, 2014
Update: Snowing in Texas 2, The Snowman Returns

Recently, we reported on a website and twitter account from a group calling themselves “Texans4Justice” [sic]. This website and twitter account are paid for by a trial lawyer-funded political action committee (PAC) known as the BalancePAC. This same BalancePAC is back, with new advertisements, promoting a twitter account and website called “HechtNO!” expressly advocating the […]

By |February 27, 2014
Snowing in Texas

Some political advertisements just don’t seem quite right. If you have been on Twitter lately, it is likely that you’ve come across a number of advertisements from an account calling for the removal and replacement of current Texas Supreme Court Justices Nathan Hecht, Phil Johnson and Jeff Brown with the candidates Robert E. Talton, Sharon […]

By |February 18, 2014
Sell Kel

Republican primary voters in Senate District 31 (SD 31) have good reason to be wary of supporting moderate Senator Kel Seliger: deep-pocketed, out-of-district, special interests. The same interest groups have filled Sen. Seliger’s campaign war chest to nearly $1.6 Million, dwarfing his only challenger in the primary, conservative former Mayor of Midland Mike Canon. With […]

By |February 13, 2014