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Keller City Manager Becomes Taxpayer Hero

Would you consider firing yourself if you didn’t have enough work to do? That’s what the City Manager of Keller, TX did. Yes, you read that right. A government employee is including his own position in a round of budget cuts. Take note, because you may never see this type of fiduciary responsibility in government […]

By |March 23, 2012
Perry Stands Firm

On last night’s statewide conference call, Gov. Rick Perry made one thing explicitly clear: he will not support raising taxes nor using any of the Rainy Day Fund to pay for the Women’s Health Program. His bold call for fiscal responsibility stands in stark contrast to Speaker Joe Straus’ push for more revenue.

By |March 14, 2012
The Choice is Clear in SD 9

Conservatives in Senate District 9 have a clearly distinct choice this spring with the match-up between proven-conservative Kelly Hancock and low-performing lackey Todd Smith. Both men have established records as members of the Texas House. That’s good for Mr. Hancock, and bad for Mr. Smith.

By |March 13, 2012
TxDOT & City of Austin Pedal More Waste

Even though the Austin Police Department says it needs more operators in their 911 dispatch center, the Austin City Council is moving forward with a plan to spend millions of dollars on something apparently more important to them – bike-lane bridges — while everyone that pays gasoline taxes in the state is helping foot the […]

By |March 9, 2012
Earmark of Bad Legislation

Texas House video of State Rep. Lance Gooden’s attempt to add earmarks to the budget may be legally off-limits to his primary opponent, but that doesn’t change the fact he tried to increase pork spending at a time when taxpayers were calling for cuts.

By |March 6, 2012
Bag the Ban

Irrational environmental fanaticism is on center stage today in Austin. The City Council is preparing to make yet another costly mistake by banning plastic and paper bags, despite the glaring unintended consequences that will come and more viable alternatives available to choose from.

By |March 1, 2012
Todd Smith's Electoral Limbo

State Representative Todd Smith appears to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. After deciding not to run for the Texas Senate against one or more conservative colleagues, Smith’s re-election outlook for his current position in the Texas House doesn’t look so good, either.

By |February 22, 2012
How Much Will This Boondoggle Really Cost?

With news that the Texas Department of Transportation is exploring a new passenger rail line from Austin to Houston, taxpayers should be frantically clinging to their wallets. If history is any indication, it’s going to have a boondoggle of a price tag.

By |February 17, 2012