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Will House Delay Voter ID?

After the Voter ID bill cleared the Senate late Wednesday night, the media is reporting that legislation in the Texas House may face slower going. That take-it-slow approach let Voter ID, very popular with all Texas voters, get set for legislative death two years ago.

By |January 28, 2011
LBB's Good, Bad & Laughable

The Legislative Budget Board recently published their recommendations to close the budget shortfall. While some suggestions will please conservatives, many others will leave them shaking their heads.

By |January 19, 2011
Zero-Based Budgeting is Best Way to Go

We’ve mentioned before that regardless of how much of a budget shortfall is estimated for the next biennium (anywhere from $16 billion to $27 billion), the way to approach it is not by asking what can we “cut from the top” of current spending, but what are the services that are “most essential and necessary.”

By |January 12, 2011
Straus Supporters Are Wrong... Statistically

It seems Speaker Joe Straus’ supporters need a refresher on Statistics. Many of those supporters cite historic GOP gains in Texas’ House as evidence of political effectiveness. That means Mr. Straus should remain Speaker, doesn’t it? Hardly.

By |January 4, 2011
Bleed Orange, Drink Water, Waste Money

As Will Lutz, Managing Editor of The Lone Star Report said, “Bill Powers selling water to provide affordable education is like an arsonist joining the volunteer fire department to put out a fire he started.” Sadly, this has been the story of the entire bureaucratic machine at the University of Texas at Austin.

By |July 21, 2010
Austin City Council Spends Money to Figure Out How to Spend More Money

Your elected political heroes are at it again. On June 24th, the Austin City Council voted to spend $100,000 of your tax dollars on a study to find how the city could afford to pay for a $1.3 Billion (that’s right, I said “Billion”) light rail service that would supplement the already-failing MetroRail that cost taxpayers $105 million.

By |June 30, 2010