Texas Scorecard

“Someone’s always keeping score. We think it ought to be the citizens.”

Invasion on the Border

There's an invasion happening on Texas' southern border. Kambree connects with Bianca Gracia, who's seen firsthand the myriad of issues plaguing citizens in the Rio Grande Valley. Border native and chief strategist for The America Project, Bianca brings a unique...

What’s Going on in Texas?

In this inaugural episode, Kambree sits down with native Texan, mom, and political activist Michelle Evans. Both have come to the realization that things in Texas aren't as they seem. Long considered a state built on a bedrock of traditional values and hard work,...

Introducing Kambree!

The Kambree show will take a journey each week through the real issues impacting Texans, the ones those in power don't want to focus on. She'll get answers to the tough questions: what's really going on, who's responsible, and what citizens can do.

A Conversation with Matt Rinaldi

In this Conversation, Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi discusses his time thus far leading the Texas GOP, the party’s recent foray into local elections, and the future of the party in the upcoming elections.