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TFR: Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility today endorsed Wayne Christian for Railroad Commission in the Republican primary run-off. “Wayne Christian has an established record as a conservative leader and government reformer,” said TFR’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan. “More importantly, Wayne Christian has practical, hands-on experience dealing directly with energy policy and the issues that the Railroad Commission […]

By |March 4, 2016
Metroplex: TFR Offers Local Endorsements

Ahead of local elections on Saturday, May 7th, 2016, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility will offer endorsements to candidates in contested races in Dallas, Tarrant, Denton and Collin County. Local candidates seeking an endorsement may download a copy of our 2016 Local Candidate Questionnaire. Only those who complete the form will be eligible. Citizen-volunteers serving on […]

By |February 25, 2016
Travis' Example (Texas Minute)

On February 24, 1836, William Travis sent a letter from the besieged Alamo. He reported that more than a thousand soldiers under Santa Anna had him surrounded. Travis didn’t consider surrender to be an option, and wrote that he was prepared to “die like a solider.” On this day, and every day, the courage of […]

By |February 24, 2016
Highly Burdensome (Texas Minute)

According to the Tax Foundation, Texas has the 14th most burdensome property tax system in the nation. The fact is, low-income families and struggling businesses are suffering. Property taxes in some areas are growing two to three times faster than median household income.

By |February 12, 2016
Big City Land Grab (Texas Minute)

Texas law gives cities the power to annex new territory without the permission of those being annexed. This means city politicians can force their taxes and regulations onto Texans who did not elect them, and without their permission.

By |February 11, 2016
Local Liberals (Texas Minute)

According to their official meeting minutes, Tarrant County’s hospital board unanimously supported Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. So while conservatives were fighting to stop Obamacare in Austin, local political appointees in Texas’ most conservative county were siding with liberal Republicans and Democrats to push it.

By |February 10, 2016