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Texas Scorecard Staff

“Someone’s always keeping score. We think it ought to be the citizens.”

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Profiles In Leadership... And Lackey-ism

If the 2010 election signaled nothing else, it’s that Texans wanted conservative legislators. In race after race, Texans voted for the candidate taking the commonsense conservative view. Yet the 2011 legislative session failed to deliver the systemic policy results many voters expected thanks to so many insider-lackeys running the show.

By |February 7, 2012
Abbott Keeps Trust With Voters

With representational boundaries and primary election dates still in limbo, Attorney General Greg Abbott today put forward legislative and congressional maps in an attempt to address the issues raised by the courts in the ongoing redistricting lawsuit. The president of Empower Texans praised Abbott’s work in defending the voters’ interests in fair and legal maps.

By |February 6, 2012