Fernando Trevino

“Sonogram Bill” Vote Coming Soon – Senate Dems Divided

While I typically do not agree with Democrats, I completely believe in giving credit where it is due. When it comes to the “sonogram bill” making its way through the Texas Senate, I’d like to thank the three Democrats who have stood by their faith and values rather than succumb to politics on the issues as their colleagues have.

Committee Assignments . . . Finally!

Being a political novice, I didn’t know that assigning House committees would take this long, but then again, there are 37 freshmen in the Texas House. Things were already going well in Texas when Republicans achieved a supermajority in the House with 101 members out of 150, but things just got better with the announcement of committees.

Rick Perry: Boogeyman AND Superman?

While most everyone in Texas was freezing last week, Governor Rick Perry was in California to celebrate President Ronald Reagan’s centennial in addition to promoting Texas’ friendly business environment. Texas Democrats, however, were not amused. For some reason, liberals feel that governors need to always be here in the state holding our hands when something suddenly goes wrong.

More Emergency Legislation

As most of you have probably heard by now, while speaking before thousands of Texans at the Texas Rally for Life on Saturday January, 22nd, Governor Rick Perry announced that he would be designating the “sonogram” bill as “emergency legislation.” This is fantastic news because it means that legislators can start deliberating on this legislation as soon as, well as soon as last week actual

Dispelling Redistricting Myths

With Texas being the biggest winner of this decade’s decennial census and subsequent congressional reapportionment, many liberals are trying to find a silver lining, especially after their November beat down in which the Texas Democratic delegation shrunk from 12 to 9.

TX GOP Supermajority Quickly Becoming a Reality

Earlier this month, I published an article on party switchers for Empower Texans. It was more wishful thinking on my part than anything else, but would you know it, apparently there are several Democrats considering such a move in the Texas House. But wait—it gets better. One of these possibly party switchers is from the Rio Grande Valley—Hidalgo county at that!

Party Switchers

A month after gaining a historic 690 legislative seats across all 50 states, Republicans are still growing their new majorities and basically making state Democrats even more miserable, especially in the south—but what about Texas?

Bracing for Budget Cuts

As we edge closer to the start of the 82nd Legislature in Texas, many people are becoming jittery over the biennial budget and its projected $20 billion shortfall. Cutting back is never enjoyable, but then again, neither are tax increases. While budget cuts are sure to upset many people, they are actually better for our state, our budget, and future economic growth.

HD 44 Special Election

With all the commotion surrounding the fight for a more conservative Texas House Speaker, it seems as if the special election to fill the late-State Representative Edmund Kuempel’s seat in HD 44 has been greatly overlooked.