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Austin's Affordability Apathy

If city officials were even remotely serious about Austin’s affordability crisis, they wouldn’t have even proposed­ – much less finalized – such an aggressive new maximum in advance of looming legislative protections.

By |August 10, 2017
Ray Myers: Conservative Cannonball

“The first fight I ever got into was when someone told me I was voting for Stevenson,” says Ray Myers, a highly engaged conservative activist. “‘I like Ike!’ I responded – and the fight was on!”

By |August 6, 2017
Round Rock Adopts Anti-Taxpayer Resolution

Tax-funded lobbying groups such as Texas Municipal League and the Texas Association of Counties are maneuvering in lock-step with cities such as Round Rock to defeat pro-taxpayer reforms during this special session.

By |July 31, 2017
Smith County GOP Moves to Censure Straus

Appointing Democrats to key committees, referring to Abbott’s agenda as “horse-manure,” and rejecting the planks of the GOP platform are just a few of the reasons for censure articulated in the resolution.

By |July 21, 2017