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Union Files Lawsuit to Halt New Accountability Program

An AFL-CIO affiliate is suing the Texas Education Commissioner in an effort to stop a new teacher evaluation program called the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS), from being implemented. T-TESS will replace the Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS) that has been in place for more than 20 years.

By |April 29, 2016
Taskforce: Free Markets Needed To Improve Workforce Education

Gov. Greg Abbott has formed an education task force that is charged with assessing economic activity and workforce challenges in various Texas communities. They will do so by holding forums in a number of cities to gather input from residents on the state’s diverse needs and strengths.

By |March 17, 2016
A Taxing Question: 4B or Not 4B

Despite the city assuring residents that the 4B sales tax would sunset once the sports complex was paid off, city council is now asking taxpayers to approve the re-authorization of the 4B. If passed, the revenue generated would be used for maintenance and operations of the sports complex as well as various other projects determined by city council.

By |March 15, 2016
Midland Convention Center To Top $42.3 Million

Midland City Council voted last week to move forward with a schematic design option for the new Midland Center – an event venue downtown. While numbers are subject to change, the favored design option would cost approximately $42.3 million in hotel occupancy tax dollars and would hike the city debt to nearly $200 million.

By |February 29, 2016
Nelson Spear: Ready for the Fight

Fighting to preserve conservative principles has long been a way of life for Permian Basin-native Nelson Spear. As a lawyer and passionate conservative, Spear has utilized his educational background, assertiveness, and drive to advocate for liberty-minded reforms and candidates.

By |January 17, 2016
Susan King Reenters Senate Race at Eleventh Hour

Susan King (R-Abilene), who suspended her campaign for Senate District 24 due to mental health struggles, surprised Texans by announcing on December 14th — the filing deadline for the 2016 primary – that she is throwing her hat in the ring once again.

By |December 22, 2015