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Midland City Council Pumps Brakes on Debt Proposal

Midland City Council decides to postpone the passing of roughly $22 million in Certificates of Obligation- a.k.a debt undertaken without voter approval. The decision to postpone follows an unprecedented and surprising opposition from Midland residents.

By |December 16, 2015
Midland City Council to Vote on $22.4 MM Debt Proposal

The Midland City Council will be voting Tuesday on whether to take the first step in authorizing roughly $22.4 million in new city debt via Certificates of Obligation (CO), which do not require voter approval, and should typically be used in emergency circumstances only. Not only does Midland have a history of abusing CO’s by […]

By |December 14, 2015
Stickland Endorses Landtroop, Details Frullo’s “Crony” Record

Although State Rep. John Frullo describes himself as a limited government, free-market defender on the campaign trail, State Rep. Johnathan Stickland provides specific examples of Frullo’s willingness to abandon Texans in favor of crony special-interest groups. With that said, Stickland announces his endorsement of Frullo’s opponent, former State Rep. Jim Landtroop.

By |December 9, 2015
Ector County Faces New School Bond Proposal

At the November Ector County Republican Women’s meeting, ECISD Superintendent Tom Crowe briefed attendees on recent changes in the district as well as explaining the need for a new school bond election.

By |November 18, 2015
Ector County Welcomes New Judge to the Bench

Ron Eckert has been appointed by the Ector County Commissioners Court to fill the judge position vacated by Susan Redford. There were three candidates who brought different values and experiences to the table, however, commissioners felt that Eckert was the best fit for the position and a unanimous vote was cast in his favor.

By |October 19, 2015
Ernest Angelo Jr.: Shaping History

A fear of controversy and bucking the status quo is something that never seems to inhibit Angelo from taking a stand, especially for conservative values. This persistency was not only demonstrated during his years in college and in his career in oil and gas, but also during his time serving President Ronald Reagan.

By |October 18, 2015