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Midland County Proposes Massive Tax Increase

At a time when taxpayers are likely to be cutting back during an economic downturn, Midland County commissioners want to raise property tax rates by 11%; or 9% higher than the effective tax rate. On August 10th, Midland County Commissioners proposed increasing the tax rate to 14.08 cents per $100 valuation, up from 12.65 cents […]

By |August 26, 2015
Another Midland Tax Increase Bites the Dust

Siding with taxpayers, Midland Memorial Hospital leaders announced Wednesday that they have revised their 2016 tax rate proposal. Instead of increasing their tax rate by 5%, the hospital will adopt the effective tax rate of $0.1198 per $100 valuation. This will generate the same revenue for the hospital as last year, in addition to roughly […]

By |August 20, 2015
Midland Hospital Proposes Tax Hike

Despite the fact that residents are already faced with higher overall tax burdens from rising home values, the Midland Hospital Board recently proposed a property tax rate increase that will further burden local taxpayers. The proposal was passed in a split 3-2 vote. If approved by county officials, the tax rate would increase to 45 […]

By |August 18, 2015
Lubbock County Residents Face Threat of New Tax Hikes

While many Lubbock residents are focused on the city’s proposal for a tax increase, Lubbock County Commissioners Court is proposing a 1.7 cent tax increase for fiscal year 2015-2016. They hope to raise $3 million… in addition to the $4 million in surplus revenues the county is already forecasted to receive this year. Commissioners say their intention is […]

By |August 17, 2015
Midland County and School Board Talk Taxes

In the petroleum-rich town of Midland, TX, the fluctuation of oil prices and population numbers weigh heavily on property tax-dependent entities, such as the school district and county. With last year’s dip in oil prices and the subsequent effect on mineral valuations and housing demand, the Midland County Appraisal District (MCAD) has struggled to rein […]

By |June 3, 2015
Sunset on the Tall City's TIRZ

Midland City Council voted last August to cast a one-year sunset provision on a long-winded, and relatively unproductive, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ). Established in March 2001, the TIRZ was created by the City of Midland in an effort to use taxpayer subsidizes to revitalize its downtown district. The TIRZ receives funding from property taxes […]

By |May 21, 2015