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Sprinting To A New Tax

My Sprint cellphone bill arrived today, featuring a brand new fee: The Texas Margin Fee Reimbursement. This is Sprint's attempt to make visible the new business tax implemented by the Texas Legislature last sprint. Some in the legislature are crying foul, but Sprint has the nerve to do what lawmakers usually don't — admit that business taxes are borne by people, not business. Most other businesses won't put the burden of the tax on the bill — but you and I are still paying for it.

By |February 1, 2007
˜Local Control' Poor Excuse For High Taxes

Local bureaucrats and their Austin apologists have found the ‘local control’ religion, but only as a convenient foil against taxpayer protection. Fearful that their days of unrestricted access to taxpayers’ wallets might soon draw to an end, we suddenly find them flaunting a position of questionable ideological weight.   The governor’s task force on appraisal […]

By |January 26, 2007