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Truth to Power?

Too many pastors won’t risk offending the sensibilities of the soft leftists in their congregations… or the hard leftists in government bureaucracies.

By |May 22, 2020
Don’t Stop Moving

Even as establishment politicians try to keep us paralyzed under the weight of rules and regulations, we must move boldly in the “pursuit of happiness” for which God designed us.

By |May 15, 2020
Real People, Real Lives

We must not allow our politics, positions, philosophies, ideals, and candidates to become idols we relentlessly serve, but rather tools in the work of honoring God and loving our fellow man.

By |May 8, 2020
The Hammer

Remember those darlings of the Tea Party, elected officials whose heads were quickly turned by the establishment elite? The Maccabees can relate.

By |May 1, 2020