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Dan Branch: Detached, Disinterested, or Defiant?

Back in September during The Texas Tribune Festival, Reeve Hamilton posed a question to the three Republican candidates for Attorney General that was, and probably still is, weighing on the minds of voters: Is there a substantive way for the Texas Attorney General to fight ObamaCare, or is it simply campaign rhetoric? Moderate State Rep. […]

By |January 19, 2014
Actions Speak Louder than Campaign Ads

Texas Comptroller candidate Harvey Hilderbran released his first online campaign ad Monday morning. Maybe it was supposed to be funny…? Aside from the all-out corniness of a console television playing crackled and ominous Fox News clips in the bed of a pickup –­ (and, if you really want to go there…complete lack of logic) – […]

By |August 26, 2013
Abbott Not a Fan of Corporate Welfare Incentives

In appearances in San Antonio and Houston, gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott has hinted he may not be the biggest fan of the state’s corporate welfare programs. Those funds, such as the Texas Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund, were created to encourage businesses to relocate or expand into Texas. Sounds like a great plan, except for […]

By |July 17, 2013