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Robert Pratt hosts the Pratt on Texas radio program and is an original contributor to Empower Texans and the Texas Scorecard. www.PrattonTexas.com

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Lotto or casino, gamble without my money

Big story out in the San Antonio Express-News reports: “If you play the lottery, you might not think it’s a gamble to ask a store clerk to check your ticket. You might want to think again.”

By |December 22, 2009
HD85's Heflin needs replacing, GOP needs quality candidate

The Lubbock newspaper has reported that democrat state rep. Joe Heflin is going to have a Republican opponent. This is hardly news since David Andrews of Jones County has openly been running for some time. What may be news is who else gets in the GOP race for the seat long occupied by Pete “Pay-in-Cash” Laney.

By |December 8, 2009
Texas' drift needs righting, now

While we celebrate recent data showing that Texas’ unemployment number is two-points lower than the national average and that Texas lead the nation in job creation last month, we must be aware that our better-than-others performance is not simply happenstance.

By |November 22, 2009