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Robert Pratt hosts the Pratt on Texas radio program and is an original contributor to Empower Texans and the Texas Scorecard. www.PrattonTexas.com

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What is Hutchison telling us?

Friday, we were finally witness to an actual decision from Senator Hutchison in which she said that she would not resign from the Senate until after the Republican Primary election. The announcement immediately followed this headline: In Texas GOP Showdown, Perry Leads Hutchison 46% to 35% – that from a new Rasmussen poll.

By |November 15, 2009
Taxpayers deserve meaningful school measurement

The story begins with: “Texas is one of several states that have set a low bar for determining whether their students are proficient in math and reading, according to a new study from the federal government’s National Center for Education Statistics.”

By |October 29, 2009
Stimulus $ tracking: does anyone care?

“A Houston Chronicle review of the federal government’s distribution of $787 billion in economic stimulus money approved by Congress found that the highly touted Web site designed to let the public know how much of their tax money is going to their home congressional districts is misleading and statistically unreliable,” reports the Houston Chronicle.

By |October 26, 2009
HB 2665 an affront to Liberty

A headline in the Beaumont Enterprise caused my Liberty alarm bells to ring and clearly it was the word “order” that immediately drew my attention. It read: Jefferson County orders rural addresses displayed.

By |October 14, 2009