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Look into the sewer to see your future

A column by Leo McKinstry in the in the Daily Express begins with this paragraph: “Britain continues its descent into a socialist hell, devoid of any justice or morality. We now live in a sub-Marxist world where the ultra-politicised institutions of the State wield arbitrary power, bullying the decent members of the public while dangerous criminals walk free.”

By |October 12, 2009
Welfare processing: What the libs really want.

It’s not good enough to this Democrat administration that Texas administers generous welfare programs. No, Obama’s agriculture department is on the attack against Texas because we don’t put people on the food stamp dole fast enough.

By |October 7, 2009
Is Marriage Only An Economic Circumstance?

Regarding the ruling by a Dallas judge that Texas’ definition of marriage is unconstitutional, a listener wrote, “I must say that civil unions between two consenting adults (male or female, whatever combination as long as the number is two) SHOULD be legal in Texas. That IS equal protection. Our country, Texas included, needs to get away from this “marriage” thing – that should be up to churches to decide, marriage is a religious thing. I thought we had separation of church and state?”

By |October 2, 2009
Shapleigh: More Government To Fix Government

Texas Politics, from the Houston Chronicle, reported that ultra-lib state senator Eliot Shapleigh of El Paso has authored a paperback book in which he points out “what he sees as dire consequences facing Texans.”

By |September 25, 2009