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Is Border Violence Important?

Last week Governor Perry announced the deployment of special teams of Texas Rangers to our border with Mexico to deal with increasing violence. Perry said it was necessary, in part, because the federal government has failed to address growing problems there, the AP reported.

By |September 11, 2009
State Workers: Welcome To The Real World

There was a big story this weekend in the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News about how food stamp applications are overwhelming state workers. The lead sentence claimed that state employees are “frustrated and stressed out with inadequate staffing.”

By |September 8, 2009
School Buildings A Study In Waste

There was a story last week in the state press about how school districts are now competing over who has the fanciest video scoreboards at athletic facilities. I know, we’re supposed to believe that public schools are really hurting for the money they need to provide such basics as teachers.

By |August 31, 2009
What Is It Texas Liberals Want? A Tyranny?

A group called Texans Care for Children is out with typical claims of how Texas children are suffering due to now high unemployment. (I seem to remember the same claim when Texas was at full employment the past few years in regard to CHIP.)

By |August 26, 2009
Don't Let Facts Get In The Way

In a story commemorating the death of former Texas congressman Mickey Leland in a 1989 plane crash, the Houston Chronicle reporter demonstrates the brainwashed mentality of many in the press.

The reporter wrote:

By |August 11, 2009
What The Left Won't Recognize

An editorial from the Austin American-Statesman, posits the idea that we should pay children a wage to study for school. The proponent of this idea is one Bruce Todd, a former mayor of Austin, who is running a project called the Tuition Incentive Program.

By |August 7, 2009