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Local Debt Requires Local Action

Reforms to the debt-issuing process are needed to make it more fair and transparent. Several schools we’ve approached are working to adopt them, but others won’t if Texans fail to ask!

By |August 13, 2014
Big Cities Lean Left

The fact that larger, urban areas lean to the political “left” shouldn’t surprise anyone.  But the degree to which certain Texas cities do may shock some, as published in a recent article by the Economist. In Texas, the most realtively conservative (or least liberal) city over 250,000 in population was Arlington, Texas.  Interestingly, Arlington has […]

By |August 11, 2014
Birdville ISD Poised to Make History

Despite bi-partisan opposition to landmark disclosure and transparency reforms supported by the Texas State Comptroller in HB 14 last session, a few school districts across Texas are considering adopting several “best practices”, voluntarily. Officials in Birdville ISD (BISD) led by Board President, Cary Hancock, are poised to lead the way by expressing interest in reaching out to the Comptroller’s office for […]

By |August 7, 2014
Texas Mayors Surrender Sovereignty

Texans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the unconstitutional power the federal government is taking from both its citizens and the state and local governments in which they live. It’s particularly offensive considering the same overlords in D.C. are blatantly irresponsible with the debt that has accompanied such usurpation – $17.6 trillion to be exact. As […]

By |July 30, 2014
TML: Politicians First, Texans Last

One of the first things you’ll notice while attending a local government meeting is that political posturing is considered paramount above all else.  Stated differently, “getting along” with other politicians is more important than hammering out policy solutions that place the interests of residents first. This play-nice culture isn’t simply a matter of opinion; it’s […]

By |July 24, 2014
Carona Opposes Hall's Impeachment

Early this morning, State Sen. John Carona released a statement via email in opposition to the impeachment proceedings of UT Regent Wallace Hall, a whistleblower who’s unearthed several alleged scandals: “I have been asked by a number of people in recent weeks my position on the possible impeachment of Wallace Hall as it relates to […]

By |July 15, 2014
Local Voice Prevails Against Waste, Eminent Domain

Something bizarre happened at a recent Colleyville City Council meeting; dissent amongst local officials. In fact, a newly elected member (and a TFR endorsee), Chris Putnam, raised several important questions no one else dared to ask, despite facing angst from colleagues. The Mayor and Council have been debating redevelopment options for Glade Road for over two […]

By |July 1, 2014