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False Choices, Attacks & Frantic Fiefdoms

Individual taxpayers are often placed at a disadvantage when it comes to weighing in on state and local policy decisions.  Perhaps it’s because, in addition to single-digit voter turnout, big government programs often target a minority of beneficiaries at the expense of the average family or business. But there’s also a bait and switch game […]

By |April 16, 2014
TPPF Says Frisco ISD's Bond Could Cost $1.3 Billion

The Texas Public Policy Foundation recently highlighted Frisco ISD’s bond proposal, set to appear on May’s local ballot.  The brief paper is appropriately titled, “A Profile in Runaway Debt: Frisco ISD’s $775 Million Bond Proposal”. Not only did their analysis astonish, but it noted a cost taxpayers often overlook…interest expense. First, let’s review the highlights. […]

By |April 15, 2014
Arlington ISD, Doubling Down on Debt?

We’ve written extensively regarding Texas’ local debt epidemic.  But don’t take our word for it.  Both the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the State Comptroller have been analyzing government data in an effort to educate the public regarding the wildly disproportionate growth in government taxing, spending and debt trends. First a few important facts… Since […]

By |March 28, 2014
Nanny State Bag Fee, Now In Big D

­­Dallas is commonly referred to as a transplant city, with many Americans from across the country relocating here for promising career opportunities.  Now it appears that nanny-state regulations, and not merely people, are also finding solid footing in the metroplex. In a hotly contested 8-6 vote, the Dallas City Council approved an environmental fee for the […]

By |March 27, 2014
Local Debt: Few Vote, Everyone Pays

Historically, turnout in Texas’ political primaries has languished in the single-digits.  Considering that many races from within each party are uncontested, it’s somewhat understandable.  But countless, hotly contested Republican races this March still failed to entice more than eight percent turnout across our state’s largest counties. It’s likely an even smaller minority will cast a […]

By |March 10, 2014