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Spring Brings New Debt Props in DFW

Last fall, Texans were faced with billions of local debt propositions on their November 5th ballot.  In total, more than $7 billion of additional debt was requested from voters across the state, including Prop 6 which would remove $2 billion from the State’s Emergency Stabilization Fund. In total, voters approved $5.7 billion in new debt […]

By |February 13, 2014
Vigilance At Every Level

There are compelling reasons why Texans need to be vigilant in holding their local officials accountable. Thanks to Congresswoman Kay Granger and F-rated Charlie Geren (Fort Worth), the Tarrant Regional Water District can now legally bully private landowners using eminent domain for dubious economic development schemes….all through a partnership with the notoriously irresponsible federal government. […]

By |February 11, 2014
TFR Offers Local Endorsements

With the opening of our Metroplex office, TFR will offer endorsements for local elections in Dallas, Tarrant, Denton and Collin counties. Our nation’s architects understood the importance of local representation, a principle particularly relevant to Texans. Unlike California, the Texas model of governance relies heavily on local government to provide public services.  The majority of […]

By |February 6, 2014
Dallas Judge Impugns Homeschoolers

A Democrat judge in Dallas County ordered the removal of children from their homeschooling parents, even though CPS failed to even allege the children were in danger.

By |January 8, 2014
Geren's Pet Pig: Trinity River Slush Fund

Geren has extensive experience promoting reckless policies that violate his party’s platform; in 2005, he quietly authorized the TRWD to spend millions on dubious economic development projects, by permanently expanding its legal authority, using tactics to keep the bill under the radar of most legislators and taxpayers.

By |December 13, 2013
Freedom's Unlikely Enemy

The free society has many adversaries hell bent on discrediting it.  The most pervasive examples are found in government institutions, political circles, academia and media outlets.  Arguments against freedom are fundamentally based on the fallacy that a select group of benevolent elitists can make informed decisions on behalf of the selfish, ignorant masses. Although businesses […]

By |December 2, 2013