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Freedom's Unlikely Enemy

The free society has many adversaries hell bent on discrediting it.  The most pervasive examples are found in government institutions, political circles, academia and media outlets.  Arguments against freedom are fundamentally based on the fallacy that a select group of benevolent elitists can make informed decisions on behalf of the selfish, ignorant masses. Although businesses […]

By |December 2, 2013
Government Feeding Frenzy

If all you watched were national news networks, you’d be led to believe that, in the absence of hundreds of federal bureaucracies planning your life, America would be reduced to anarchy. The facts suggest otherwise…Texans live under countless layers of local government. According to a recent article by Mike Shedlock, Texas has the second-highest number […]

By |November 21, 2013
Taxpayer Abuse for...Personal Use?

Government employees already have the luxury of all but guaranteed job security, excellent benefits and defined pensions; they don’t need frivolous spending perks.

By |October 18, 2013
Mob Tactics Suppress Speech in Fort Worth

Perhaps Mr. Dansby is worried that tough questions will raise a swell of public opposition … after reviewing the details, his fears are justified. His use of Al Capone-style tactics, however, are not.

By |October 8, 2013