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Comptroller Delivers Despite Legislative Failure

We recently criticized the state for creating a hopelessly complex information maze that keeps unsuspecting Texans in the dark, and enables local officials to further fuel their borrowing addiction. The State Comptroller’s office, headed by transparency champion Susan Combs, is leading the movement to bring government’s darkest secrets out of the shadows. Last year, she issued a […]

By |September 19, 2013
Water Board Shrouded in Secrecy

We are unsure as to the number of meetings conducted in private. Officials thought that such a district was unlikely to draw much scrutiny from the public. They were wrong.

By |September 17, 2013
Taxpayers Bamboozled Over Bonds

The issuance of debt by government officials is a passive form of taxation, because debt issued today will require taxes on future income.  And because borrowing requires the payment of interest, the cost to taxpayers is typically twice the amount borrowed and spent. Stated differently, a $50 million school financed with bonds can actually cost […]

By |September 12, 2013
FWISD: Doubling Down on Costly Debt Addiction

Interest expense is a huge cost that won’t be included on the ballot, nor in town halls conducted by district staff that will be living off taxpayer provided pensions by the time voters realize what hit them.

By |September 6, 2013