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Speaker Math

Of the 74 Democrats in the Texas House, 64 of them have been asked by 11 Republicans to pick the next Speaker of the Texas House.

By |December 23, 2008
Tanking The Economy

You have to admit it, Rick Perry is right about at least one thing: new taxes would “sour the Texas economy.” With the national economy in the tank, and Texas still comparatively well-off, legislators will have to work hard to keep the state out of California-like insolvency that occurs when legislators try to tax and spend themselves into prosperity.

By |December 18, 2008
5% Solution

On a Saturday in November, less than 5 percent of the registered voters in the Humble school district foisted a massive tax hike on everyone else. The system of letting such important matters be decided on non-standard election dates – and by so few people – has got to change. This makes a mockery of democracy.

By |November 25, 2008
Perry Sets December 16 For Senate Run-Off

Gov. Rick Perry’s office just announced that the run-off election for Houston’s Senate District 17 will be on Dec. 16. The race pits conservative Joan Huffman, a former judge, against perennial liberal candidate Chris Bell. Given the tightened dynamics of the Texas Legislature, expect this to be a pretty wild month.

By |November 17, 2008
Voting Early (And Dead?)

The story is the same across the state: long lines at early voting locations. Record turn-outs. Unusually high voter participation for Day One of early voting. While good for democracy to have a high turn-out, for the sake of this democracy we are left to merely hope every ballot case is legitimate.

By |October 21, 2008
Bumping A Non-Bonus Bonus

Legislative employees are constitutionally forbidden from receiving bonuses in Texas. But don’t let a little thing like “the law” stop some state senators. According to news reports, it seems state senators of both parties are playing semantic games to skirt the clear-reading of Texas’ Constitution.

By |October 7, 2008
Wrong Change

If you like the current property tax system, love illegal immigration and think the government should get much bigger, the Fort Worth Star Telegram is in your corner, promoting the “change” candidacy of far-left Democrat Chris Turner against conservative stalwart Bill Zedler.

By |October 1, 2008
At DFW, Your Dollars Fly Away

An investigation in north Texas finds that Dallas-Fort Worth Airport executives have been living large — and taxpayers are footing the bill for extravegant travel, including $800 first-class flights to Austin. TFR’s Michael Quinn Sullivan was interviewed for the CBS television investigation. The video is available online.

By |September 23, 2008