Citizen Profiles

Melanie Graft: Reaching Beyond our Comfort Zone
Melanie Graft: Reaching Beyond our Comfort Zone

“The hardest part is getting started,” says Granbury resident Melanie Graft. “But it is going to take getting out of our comfort zones and becoming active to be the change we want to see.”

Ray Myers: Conservative Cannonball

“The first fight I ever got into was when someone told me I was voting for Stevenson,” says Ray Myers, a highly engaged conservative activist. “‘I like Ike!’ I responded – and the fight was on!”

John Goldstone: Challenging the Establishment

Aaron Harris: Brash, Bold, Effective

We regularly profile the men and women of Texas who stand out as effectively engaged citizens. Each of these Texans has a unique story to tell; coming from unique backgrounds and life experiences, they nonetheless share a passion for liberty in the Lone Star State.