Citizen Profiles

Brian Newman: A Modern Revolutionary
Ray Myers: Conservative Cannonball

“The first fight I ever got into was when someone told me I was voting for Stevenson,” says Ray Myers, a highly engaged conservative activist. “‘I like Ike!’ I responded – and the fight was on!”


Roy and Carolyn Willis: Hand to Hand Combat

Roy and Carolyn Willis know conservatives can make a big impact in local primary elections, and are not afraid to do the hard work on the ground in the fight for liberty.

George Rodriguez: El Conservador

A lifelong Texan, San Antonio based activist George Rodriguez has always practiced what he preaches – engagement at the local level.

Jackie King: Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Activism can be hard work and quite draining at times – but in spite of this, Corsicana citizen Jackie King still feels a duty to fight for her beliefs.


Cyndi Lawrence: Engaging Voters

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