Faithfully Fighting

Our calling isn’t to be successful the way the world defines it, but to be faithful.

Cancel Culture Isn’t New

The ruling elite have always sought to use their power to silence those who would disrupt the status quo.

Serving Our Masters

When we want to pray for our nation’s leaders, we should first and foremost be praying for each other.

Truth In Context

As a self-governing people, we must acquire a principled taste for reality.

Jill Glover: Advocate for the People

Whatever the issue—from protecting children to preserving justice in our state—Jill shines the light of truth into the dark halls of government.


Staff Blog: Embrace the Label

Staff Blog: Embrace the Label

Plano citizens are justifiably upset about their high taxes. Candidates representing their concerns should embrace the “angry crowd” label.

Commentary: School Board Ethics

Commentary: School Board Ethics

San Angelo ISD’s school board redrew district boundary lines to keep an incumbent board member in office after moving out of the district he was elected to.