Taylor Introduces Vital STATS Act
Taylor Introduces Vital STATS Act

U.S. Rep. Van Taylor says the coronavirus has “highlighted long-standing inconsistencies in the collection and reporting of public health data.”


Commentary: Our Elites Have Learned Nothing

More and more, the 2020 election is shaping up to be a referendum on who will rule. The people who cast their votes from all around the country? Or the self-appointed demigods who are nothing if not appalled by anything resembling the popular will?


Embarking On Waste

The news in the past 24 hours highlights the contradictions unfolding in the debate over the nationalization of health care.

Stimulus $ tracking: does anyone care?

“A Houston Chronicle review of the federal government’s distribution of $787 billion in economic stimulus money approved by Congress found that the highly touted Web site designed to let the public know how much of their tax money is going to their home congressional districts is misleading and statistically unreliable,” reports the Houston Chronicle.

Cornyn and health care costs

Cornyn and health care costs

In a recent op-ed (Statesman, October 14, 2009), Senator John Cornyn pointed to the most egregious subterfuge in the debate over the nationalization of health care. Sen. Cornyn wrote: “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it will cost $829 billion, but when it’s fully implemented, the Senate Budget Committee estimates the real cost to be $1.8 trillion.”

Happy TARP-iversary

One year ago today the U.S. Senate passed the $700 billion bank bail-out. Nearly a trillion dollars, snatched essentially from pockets of future generations, gave the federal government unprecedented access into the marketplace.

Is Border Violence Important?

Is Border Violence Important?

Last week Governor Perry announced the deployment of special teams of Texas Rangers to our border with Mexico to deal with increasing violence. Perry said it was necessary, in part, because the federal government has failed to address growing problems there, the AP reported.

Right and Left

States are taking a closer look at the stimulus package, sifting through the provisions and stipulations that it contains and rejecting funds.

The likely culprits are among those sending the money back; Bobby Jindal Governor of Louisiana, Mark Sanford Governor of South Carolina and Rick Perry to name a few but there are other states that might surprise you.

Surprise: Dunnam Stacks Deck

Oh, what a surprise — the liberal-dominated Texas House Select Committee on Federal Porkulus invited only big-spending grow-government shills to speak. How could that have happened? Oh, because Chairman Jim Dunnam is using his committee as a cheerleading ground for far-left activism, rather than good public policy. Speaker Straus should end this charade now.

Tax Relief, Not Stimulus Money, Needed In Texas

A group of Democratic legislators just concluded a press conference calling on Texas Gov. Rick Perry to accept and use more of the federal stimulus money. But the president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility says this "California-based prescription" will make things worse by straddling the economy with bigger government. He called on the Legislature to make immediate cuts to property taxes the business tax as a way to effectively free the economy and help all Texans.

Cash Grab

Ronald Reagan said a government office “is the closest thing to eternal life we will ever see in this world.” Which is why the rush to grab the federal government’s so-called stimulus money is worrisome. Texas House members last week to a tentative step in reaching for the tainted dough — and straddling taxpayers with big ongoing costs.