Is The Republic Still Worth Serving?
Is The Republic Still Worth Serving?

Veterans Day is an opportunity to thank those who have served, and consider what sort of nation we ask men and women to defend.

The Enemy of my Enemy?
The Enemy of my Enemy?

The righteous cause of liberty is rarely advanced through unholy alliances.

O, Woe Is Me!
O, Woe Is Me!

Rather than star as the martyrs in our self-devised tale of woe, we should actively look for allies in the redemptive story that God is working in our lives.


On Being ‘Right’

Political purity czars are a lonely lot and rarely as pure as they perceive themselves. They trade the joy of warm camaraderie for the faint praise of self-congratulations.

A Declining Church in America

America watched as church leaders in 2020 put the gathering of the saints on par with the meeting of the Rotary Club. Today, those churches are experiencing the results.

Scandalizing The Faithful

Rather than earn the cheers of our fellow zealots, we should hope for the approval of our Lord and Savior.

Legislating Morals

All law is a matter of morality; the only question is if that law is in keeping with, or foreign to, the moral precepts of holy scripture.

A Rock For The Ages

The surest foundation is found not in nature or monuments, but in Christ alone.

Sometimes, Tax Cuts Are Not Enough

We must never allow ourselves to be conned into accepting politicians’ false choices any more than we should follow them in the worship of false gods.

Asserting Independence

Independence Day should not just be a celebration of history, but a commitment to the future.

Whoever Is For Us…

In politics and culture, the crony establishment uses division to consolidate power. We must fight it through addition.


Just Be Faithful

Just Be Faithful

True success is found not in worldly praise, but in the knowledge that we faithfully did what we were called to do.

One Year Later: A Prosper Mom’s Story

One Year Later: A Prosper Mom’s Story

Eileen Riverside won’t let the Prosper ISD board get away with the notion that no one is at fault in the sex abuse scandal and cover-up. “All of this was preventable.”