Praying For The Wrong People
Praying For The Wrong People

Praying for our republic’s politicians and not the citizens is like asking a physician to alleviate the symptoms without addressing the disease.

On Being Happy Warriors
On Being Happy Warriors

There is no end to the litany of things about which to be angry – but it doesn’t mean we have to be endlessly upset.

Imposing Agendas
Imposing Agendas

It is up to the politician to have a plan to meet the citizens’ demands.

Chipping Away
Chipping Away

If we are to govern our republic, we must first govern ourselves.


Jill Glover: Advocate for the People

Whatever the issue—from protecting children to preserving justice in our state—Jill shines the light of truth into the dark halls of government.

Don’t Aid The Enemy

Preening like a red-colored peacock for the leftwing media is at best an exercise in self-adulation.

Surrounded by Beauty

We don’t have to visit the Garden of Gethsemane to experience the beauty of Christ’s love for us.

Embracing Our Responsibility

As a self-governing people, we cannot delegate the preservation of our republic to others. The work belongs to us.

Access for What?

Masking compromises with the devil so as to do good things down the road never pays off.

Just A Small Bit Of Liberty

Tyrants nibble away at small bits of our liberty in the name of preserving our safety until all that remains is our subservience.

Would We Answer?

As beneficiaries of the Alamo defenders’ sacrifice, we must answer the call to the fight for liberty.

A Cold Truth

Yes, we have trouble and tribulation in this world… But we also have Jesus!


Always Vigilant

Always Vigilant

We must with joy accept the awesome responsibility of self-governance!