Geren’s Obfuscation

State Rep. Charlie Geren of Fort Worth wants it both ways. While he doesn’t want his constituents to know about his anti-taxpayer ways, but he also says he isn’t to worried about being seen as a government-growing spendoholic. Scoring just 45% on the TFR Index, Geren was the second-worst Republican on taxpayer issues (only Longview’s Tommy Merritt scored worse, with a 38%). In order to obfuscate his record, Geren is now playing fast and loose with the facts. But that should not surprise us, given that he plays fast and loose with our money.

The Law Man

My travels took me to Del Rio for a speech this week, a border town in Val Verde County. I had the good fortune to chat with the sheriff, D’Wayne Jernigan. He’s true West Texas lawman who has earned the ire of the left-leaning establishment for doing his job well and right. He is going to face a tough re-election battle this year. We need more sheriffs like him, on the border and elsewhere.

Tying Taxpayers To The Rail

Supporters of “light rail” and “commuter rail” consistently over-sell and under-deliver. Not only does mass-transit fail to reduce congestion, but it is always fraught with cost-overruns and implementation delays. Such is the case in Austin, where the new toy train is going to cost taxpayers a third more than promised.

Job-Killing New Business Tax Exposed

The San Antonio Express-News reports that new National Federation of Independent Business radio ads assail the business tax that will take its first toll in May. The ads note some small businesses will see their tax burden rise by 1,000 percent over the current franchise tax.

Will Taxpayers Get Justice?

A lawsuit designed to stop counties from using taxpayer-money to lobby against taxpayers is still brewing in Williamson County. The judge last month gave taxpayers a partial victory, but those who brought the suit are hoping to convince His Honor to make modifications to the ruling that would ensure justice.

Taxing Jobs

No title makes conservatives’ skin crawl like “tax assessor/collector.” It’s just not a job most of us hope our little conservative bundles of joy grow up to be. But thank goodness someone does, because it’s a critically important position.

Your Honor

Speaking in Farmers’ Branch this week I saw a familiar face in the audience – one of my upper-classman from Texas A&M. It turns out that Steven Autry is now seeking to serve as the judge of the Dallas County Criminal Court #4. He was a positive influence on me as a cadet 20 years ago, and I have no doubt he’ll serve the people of Dallas with distinction. Good luck, Mr. Autry, sir!

Help The Good Guys

Hard to believe, but true, we do have a strong number of fiscally conservative lawmakers in the Texas Legislature. While outnumbered, they fight the fight for our values and principles regardless of political pressure. But doing the right thing comes at a cost. One of the taxpayers’ champions in the legislature is State Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale of Harris County.

Red-Lighting Hypocrisy

Confronted with not getting 100% of the money, the city of Nederland (near Beaumont) is backing out of their red-light camera contract.

State Fines Blanco County Taxpayers $80k Over Courthouse Windows

This story shows just how dysfunctional big government can be. The Texas Historical Commission is taking $80k from Blanco County taxpayers because the County, following a hail storm, replaced its wooden courthouse windows with acrylic windows that are virtually indistinguishable but considerably less expensive.