Debt Wins Big on Local Ballots

Metroplex residents voted themselves higher property tax bills by approving most city and school district debt propositions on their May 4 ballots.

Commentary: Making Haltom Stronger

Incompetence, allegations of corruption, and a campaign of dirty tactics ends with defeat of the old guard and a new day in Haltom City.


Teed Off

Lubbock taxpayers should be a little teed. It seems the company which leases the city’s golf course hasn’t been paying rent, and no one will comment because it is “sensitive and classified information.” Since when did skipping out on the taxpayers become an issue of national security?

Dingus Doofus

West Texas is alight with anticipation that House Speaker Tom Craddick is going to be debating his November democratic party challenger, former Midland city council member Bill Dingus. Should be a good show. You gotta feel sorry for poor Dingus; a Democratic Party spokesman admitted to the Midland newspaper that Craddick has “accomplished several things for the Permian Basin region.”

Quarter Million Dollar Man

This article is short and sweet folks, the Northside ISD school board knows that Bexar County residents don’t want their taxes raised but they don’t give a hoot.

Charitable Czar

Dallas’ homeless Czar is looking to increase the size of his kingdom with a $40 million expenditure. The Dallas Morning News is reporting on a plan that would construct up to 700 homes for the homeless.

Playing The Fiddle

An apologist for the failing school system called today, furious we’ve been picking on the tax-increasing, budget-busting ways of schools that aren’t producing results. The caller, an aide to a Republican state representative, said that “Dallas ISD is doing great things.” The front page headline of the Morning News confirms it: “DISD plan to ease grading standards…” Great things for slackers.

Not Everyone Is Doing It

It might seem like every school district in the state is reaching deeper and deeper into their taxpayers wallets, but some are behaving responsibly. Wichita Falls Independent School District has announced they’re going to live with the existing tax rate.

Open, Responsible Government In Collin County

Not only is Collin County one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, it’s now leading the nation in full fiscal transparency. Located north of Dallas and encompassing Plano, McKinney and Frisco, taxpayers there now have unprecedented access to the county’s spending in almost real time. The first county in the nation to do so, we’ll see if Texas’ 253 other counties voluntarily follow suit.

A Temple Of Waste

It’ll take more than Astroturf to cover-up the problems at Abilene’s Wylie Independent School District. Passing rates have fallen like a brick since 2000, according to the state education agency, while per pupil revenues have grown like a weed. But never mind the academics, they’re on a football stadium spending spree!

Hot Times

Asbestos lawsuit trial lawyer Fred Baron of Dallas might wish he has some of that magic material, given the heat he’s getting for paying hush-money, er “assistance” to liberal former senator/presidential candidate John Edwards’ mistress. It’s unclear how much he paid out, but he has been on the chief underwriters of the left in Texas — spending $1.82 million in this election season alone.

We Hate Saying We Told You So…

What a surprise, the superfluous “children’s” hospital in El Paso is going to add an additional burden on already overwhelmed taxpayers. And it isn’t even built yet.