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The Show behind the Show, Fat & Happy Edition

The Show behind the Show, Fat & Happy Edition

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Chris and Sean get caught up on events after Thanksgiving, including the insane story about the Dallas Cowboy's owner, Jerry Jones.

Public Morals And Private Morality
Public Morals And Private Morality

Reputation is what people see us do; character is what we do when we think no one is watching. The two almost always converge.


Protecting Texas Families

This week Brandon is joined by Jacob Asmussen to talk about a new organization protecting women’s sports and an update on vaccine mandates. All this and more on The Headline.

Josh Blackman: SCOTUS & The Heartbeat Bill

Conservatives across the nation are very concerned about the fate of the Texas Heartbeat Act, after Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett spent a significant amount of their time undermining the law with their questions.

Jesus And Wealth

Like Hunter Biden, wealth and political status were intertwined for the rich young man in the often misquoted New Testament story.