Taxpayers Funding Anti-Taxpayer Lobbyists

Taxpayers had a good day in court this week, but it doesn't make up for the untold millions of dollars government entities have used in our money to lobby against the interests of the people paying for big government.

Lawmakers Caught With Hands in Trauma Cookie Jar

Remember how the sporting goods tax has been diverted from state parks and the soon-to-be-abolished telephone infrastructure tax was funneled into general revenues after its purpose of connecting rural schools andl libraries had long been achieved.

Checking The Receipt For State Government

Susan CombsYou can watch the TFR Spendometer to see how fast state government is spending your money, but a great feature at Comptroller Susan Combs' official website lets you see

Politician Promises

What does a political promise go for? What real value should we place on the promises of elected officials?