“School-ed” in Deception?

Isn’t odd that the one area in which most politicians and taxpayers get weak-kneed is that same place that seems to practice the most deception; Education.  To me education has become the new golden calf of American worship.  I dare you to say in a public setting that "Education" is getting enough money.  I double-dog dare you to say that teachers are getting enoug

Not Taking The Government’s Medicine

Not Taking The Government’s Medicine

The government-first crowd constantly tells us poor children need the tender-loving mercies only big-government can provide. Well, apparently those parents don’t agree. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a coalition of mostly tax-funded organizations is out trying to get people to sign their kids up for government health care. Which raises a metaphysical question: What if you spend billions on a program no one wants?

A Clear Vision For Texas

One of the worst Republicans in the Texas Legislature is Fort Worth’s Charlie Geren. He scored an abysmal 45% on the TFR Index. He consistently votes against taxpayers, and in opposition to conservative principles, every chance he gets.

Scouting Principles

Last night I attended a dinner benefiting the Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. As an Eagle Scout, I’ll be forever in scouting’s debt for the values, principles and skills they tried to instill me – how successfully it took is perhaps a different question.

Flag This Play

No issue is too small, apparently, for legislative intervention. That’s about the only conclusion you can draw from lawmakers wanting to insert themselves’ in the dust-up between the NFL and the cable industry. One thing’s is for sure, if the Legislature does get involved, taxpayers will end being sacked, tackled and fouled.

Maybe We Can Just Walk To Work?

A friend of Empower Texans and TFR today passed along the "newsletter" that accompanies his water bill in the City of Taylor. The newsletter brags about a $574,000 grant from the Texas Transportation Commission to the Taylor Independent School District for the construction of new sidewalks "in several neighborhoods." What?

TPPF Commentary – Schools Can’t Break Addiction to Higher Taxes

Remember the big school property tax cut you were supposed to get? Your local school district might be about to take it away.

Last year, the Legislature passed a plan that used the state’s new business tax and part of the state’s $14 billion budget surplus to buy down the property tax rates for day-to-day operations to $1.00.

Constitutional Propositions

My friends at the Plano-based Free Market Foundation have produced a fantastic summary of the statewide constitutional ballot, with "pro" and "con" arguments for each. (You can view their work here.) Remember, your local ballot will probably have additional questions — school districts seeking to raise taxes, county bonds, etc. Check your county’s website to see the full ballot for your area.

Republicans In Name

House Speaker Tom Craddick put voice this week to what conservative voters have been depressed about for several years: there are some Republican legislators who work against the conservative agenda. Here’s what Speaker Craddick said in the Midland Reporter-Telegram: "Even though we’ve got this Republican majority, we have several Republicans who don’t vote with the rest of us."