Citizens Win in Hays County
Citizens Win in Hays County

Concerned citizens have secured a win for restoring credibility and transparency in their county government after a blunder with their November elections rocked citizens’ trust.


State Leaders Demand Budget Cuts

“It is imperative that every state agency engage in a thorough review of each program and budget strategy and determine the value of each dollar spent.”

Proactive Donor Protection Needed

Rather than protect the free speech of citizens, the Texas Ethics Commission and its allies in the Texas House have sided with speech regulators.

Time to pressure the TEC

We have a problem in Texas with government bureaucracies going rogue, abusing their power by writing new rules and targeting conservatives specifically.

Embattled TEC Vice Chairman Resigns

Despite a constitutional prohibition on TEC Commissioners serving more than two four-year terms, Harrison had continued to “hold-over” on the commission since his term expired in 2011.

Austin ISD Approves Historic Budget

The shrinking school district just adopted its largest budget to date, resulting in higher taxes for residents – and a whopping third of which goes towards recapture.

Republican Lawmakers Battle Bag Bans

In the brief, Rinaldi and other Republican lawmakers largely echo then-Attorney General Abbott’s argument that cities have overstepped their authority.


Questioning Your Legislators

New Video: With the end of 81st legislative session, we asked conservative legislators what questions voters should be asking.

Merritt’s $4-Million Pig Won’t Fly, Literally

A $4.3 million helicopter will have to be purchased by the Department of Public Safety and based in Longview under an amendment added, without a vote, to the House version of the state budget by Rep. Tommy Merritt (R-Longview). But it’s a bird that won’t take flight: no money for pilots or maintenance. This flightless bird isn’t just a taxpayer turkey, it’s an earth-bound porker.