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11/14/23 The Border Crisis Gets Worse

11/14/23 The Border Crisis Gets Worse

https://youtu.be/i6yl9i5utUw -New CBP numbers show just how bad the crisis is at the southern border -Texas A&M University set to name a DEI proponent as their new president -U.S. Pat Fallon says he will run for Texas Senate…then reverses course

The Texas House is Doing Nothing
The Texas House is Doing Nothing

-While the Senate moves quickly on special session items, the Texas House is stagnant.
-Will Hurd drops out of presidential race, endorses Nikki Haley.
-Mexican president attacks Texas for additional truck inspections.

Dan Patrick Says Dade Phelan Should RESIGN
Dan Patrick Says Dade Phelan Should RESIGN

-Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick takes his criticism of Speaker Dade Phelan to a new level as the third special session begins.
-Attorney General Ken Paxton files criminal complaints against House members who doxxed him
-Constitutional amendment election is on the horizon.


Is John Fetterman RIGHT about China?

-Democrat U.S. Sen. John Fetterman says America needs to take back Chinese farmland.
-Texas’ U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales votes with Democrats to keep military drag shows.
-Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Yelp for discriminating against pregnancy resource centers.

A Teacher Charged with MURDER

-Gov. Greg Abbott says lawmakers will address the illegal alien housing development Colony Ridge during a special session.
-The status of laws protecting children are in flux in the courts.
-A Cleveland ISD teacher is charged with murder.

Why EVERY Texan should know about “Colony Ridge”

-Colony Ridge, an illegal alien housing settlement, explained.
-Texans for Fiscal Responsibility call for abolishing property taxes in a special session.
-Prosper ISD to build a nearly $100 million stadium with taxpayer-backed debt.

BIG Change Coming? Texas GOP is United For a New Speaker

-The Republican Party of Texas calls on House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign.
-The Colony Ridge illegal alien settlement gains more attention.
-Federal Judge says West Texas A&M did not violate the First Amendment by canceling drag show.

9/20/23 Republicans Wants Dade Phelan Gone

-More counties across the state are supporting the censure of House Speaker Dade Phelan.
-Harris County makes itself a “sanctuary” for vile books.
-A North Texas “church” is funding out-of-state travel for child gender mutilation.


Ken Paxton Impeached?

Ken Paxton Impeached?

The desperate and silly leadership in the Texas House is ending their already disastrous session with another foolish decision to attempt the impeachment of our attorney general.

Dade Phelan Lawyers Up

Dade Phelan Lawyers Up

Speaker Phelan is trying to use his lawyers to silence conservative groups that are criticizing him.