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The Most Pro-Muslim Session in Texas History

The Most Pro-Muslim Session in Texas History

https://youtu.be/nyhQsWNNhNI Did you know that many are calling the last session the most pro-Muslim session in Texas history? That’s because Dade Phelan empowered Democrats while the Texas Senate shut them down! Transcribed by https://otter.ai Welcome to the Luke...

9/19/23 Dade Phelan Needs to Be a Man
9/19/23 Dade Phelan Needs to Be a Man

-A state lawmaker asks Abbott to expand the special session call, adding 11 more priorities.
-Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says it’s time for Dade Phelan to be a man and apologize for impeachment sham.
-Texas A&M outlines DEI prohibition going forward.

09/18/23 What’s Next After Impeachment
09/18/23 What’s Next After Impeachment

-A divide has grown bigger between the Texas House and Senate following AG Ken Paxton’s acquittal on all impeachment charges.
-One of the impeachment ringleaders faces backlash in his own district.
-Another government school employee was involved in an alleged sexual assault on a student.


Debate: Did I Tell The Truth About Pro-Trans Legislators?

Today I respond to Jacey Jetton and Stan Kitzman’s written defense to my op-Ed and show that criticized their pro-trans vote. I’m also joined by Joe Hyde, the publisher of San Angelo Live, who wrote a criticism of my article and show.

Harris County Election Failure

Jane Nelson and the secretary of state’s office is under fire this week from Harris County Judge candidate Alex Mealer and many local Republicans who are furious that the county’s election audit is not taking place.


Groomers Attack!

Covid emergency powers and drag queen defenders on this episode of The Headline.