Texas Scorecard Video

Abbott vs. Cruz

Brandon Waltens talks with journalist Erin Anderson and Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Dade Phelan Fights for Disney

Luke Macias explains the stark differences between Dan Patrick’s and Dade Phelan’s responses to Disney’s sexual agenda.

Let Them Whine

Our system of government requires an informed and engaged citizenry, even when the politicians don’t like it. Especially because they don’t like it.

The Long, Deadly, Sick Joke

Socialists, progressives, communists, and Marxists are the flat-earthers of political and economic thought.

Wins and Losses

Wins and Losses

Brandon Waltens is joined by Jacob Assmusen and Jeramy Kitchen to talk about the wins and losses so far in the Texas legislative session.

What Died in the House

What Died in the House

This week Brandon is joined by Jeremy to talk about the house deadline to pass bills out of the Texas House.

Pressure is on Texas Legislators to Pass GOP Priorities

Texas GOP Press Conference – 5.5.21

ICYMI: The Republican Party of Texas held a press conference today at the Capitol calling on legislators to pass GOP priorities, and reiterating the party’s opposition to HB3, the Texas Pandemic Response Act.