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A Bad Week for Dade Phelan

A Bad Week for Dade Phelan

https://youtu.be/DOdfdJ21zCw Jeff Leach got trounced by conservatives when they caught him in a lie. Ann Johnson admitted that they constantly give R’s “little wins” to try to keep primary voters happy. Armando Walle, a very liberal Democrat, was caught talking about...

Debate: Did I Tell The Truth About Pro-Trans Legislators?
Debate: Did I Tell The Truth About Pro-Trans Legislators?

Today I respond to Jacey Jetton and Stan Kitzman’s written defense to my op-Ed and show that criticized their pro-trans vote. I’m also joined by Joe Hyde, the publisher of San Angelo Live, who wrote a criticism of my article and show.


Dan Patrick Tells the Truth

Texas House leadership is ticked as Dan Patrick starts speaking honestly about the dysfunctional empowerment of Democrats in the lower chamber.

The Session is Over

We took a couple of things across the finish line, a number of conservative policies were killed, and a very dangerous and corrupt precedent was set with the impeachment of Ken Paxton.

Ken Paxton Impeached?

The desperate and silly leadership in the Texas House is ending their already disastrous session with another foolish decision to attempt the impeachment of our attorney general.