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Venezuela Is Sending Dangerous Criminals to Texas

As President Joe Biden’s open border policies have brought more than 2.1 million illegal aliens from 150 different countries to the U.S. this fiscal year, Venezuela is using the unsecured border to send its problematic criminals to America. Border security expert...

Jabs or Jobs?

This week Brandon Waltens is joined by Michael Quinn Sullivan to talk about vaccine mandates and the effectiveness of Governor Abbott’s mandate ban. 

Steve Toth Attacks Abbott for Duplicity

Texas is allowing companies across the Lone Star State to fire their employees, Texans are asking why this is happening when Republicans control the Legislature, and State Rep. Steve Toth has now revealed that the reason we can’t pass a bill to protect patriotic Texans is that Greg Abbott doesn’t support the legislation. 

Grassroots Gain Ground

Brandon Waltens is joined by Jeramy Kitchen to talk about everything from Southwest Airlines to redistricting.

Uncut: A Conversation With Allen West

Texas Scorecard presents an exclusive interview with the former congressman and Texas Republican Party chairman, who is now running for governor.

Election Integrity is Back on Top

This week, we talk about two different things going on with election integrity that seem to have risen to the top: policy and political drama that is plaguing weak GOP elites. 

Sunday Scorecard: May 19, 2019

Sunday Scorecard: May 19, 2019

Texas Scorecard’s Capitol Bureau team of Brandon Waltens and Destin Sensky are back to discuss the latest happenings in the Texas Capitol!