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3/14/24 Who is Supporting Dade Phelan?

3/14/24 Who is Supporting Dade Phelan?

  - Dade Phelan Races to Raise Money from Austin Swamp. - Austin ISD prepares for “Pride Week”. - Largest p-nography provider shuts down in Texas.


Is John Fetterman RIGHT about China?

-Democrat U.S. Sen. John Fetterman says America needs to take back Chinese farmland.
-Texas’ U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales votes with Democrats to keep military drag shows.
-Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Yelp for discriminating against pregnancy resource centers.

A Teacher Charged with MURDER

-Gov. Greg Abbott says lawmakers will address the illegal alien housing development Colony Ridge during a special session.
-The status of laws protecting children are in flux in the courts.
-A Cleveland ISD teacher is charged with murder.

Why EVERY Texan should know about “Colony Ridge”

-Colony Ridge, an illegal alien housing settlement, explained.
-Texans for Fiscal Responsibility call for abolishing property taxes in a special session.
-Prosper ISD to build a nearly $100 million stadium with taxpayer-backed debt.

BIG Change Coming? Texas GOP is United For a New Speaker

-The Republican Party of Texas calls on House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign.
-The Colony Ridge illegal alien settlement gains more attention.
-Federal Judge says West Texas A&M did not violate the First Amendment by canceling drag show.