As some churches put their faith in woke politics, yet another is organizing a drag show and calling it “family friendly.”

On May 6, Faith United Church in New Braunfels will host an event where men will parade around in front of children while dressed in women’s lingerie, short dresses, fishnet tights, and demon-themed costumes.

One of the cross-dressing men goes by the stage name May Magdalene, named after the formerly demon-possessed Mary Magdalene of the Bible. In his Instagram biography, Magdalene refers to himself as “sin-sational.”

Many of his costumes are demon-themed.

Several Comal County residents are planning a peaceful protest of the event.

Aaron Graves, who plans to attend the protest, told Texas Scorecard he’s not trying to stop just this particular performance, but he also wants to see an ordinance protecting minors from attending any sexually charged event in Comal County.

Graves hopes to achieve three things:

First, I want to rally the quiet majority into physically standing up against this intruding Trojan horse of the LGBTQ agenda exposing the grooming and desensitizing and demoralizing godly gender roles.


Second, I want to prove to local businesses and the government that we don’t want this activity here in our town, that it’s a bad business strategy to accommodate these types of events.


Lastly, I want to build some form of cohesiveness and unity amongst the real Christian churches in our town to step up in the way we interact with the public and do more things outside of the four walls we call church.

As a Christian, Graves said he loves the people but can see and recognize the “damages that this lifestyle brings.”

“It’s a mockery of the family unit,” Graves continued. “It’s a mockery of traditional feminism AND masculinity. This is toxic and not healthy for children to witness or be influenced by.”

Austin Griesinger, the policy director for Texas Family Project, echoed Graves’ statements.

“It doesn’t matter what building [the cross-dressing men] are in, who they [the church] claim the money is going to, or how many times they [event organizers] put ‘family-friendly’ on the poster,” said Griesinger. “This is still grown men dressing like women and performing inappropriate acts in front of children. It’s disgusting, it’s child grooming, and it needs to stop.”

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.