Upon meeting Maggie Clopton Wright, the first things to notice are her energetic personality and her passion for Ted Cruz.

Wright spent months campaigning in Iowa for Cruz during the presidential primary, but that barely scratches the surface of her involvement in Texas politics.

“We have to fight to save this country,” said Wright, telling Texas Scorecard that she and her husband Carroll have always been conservative and voted as such, but they didn’t get vocal with their church friends, family, and neighbors about candidates and issues until President Obama took office.

“I downloaded Obamacare and read through it as my brother was sick, so it became personal,” she said. “Seeing the overreach of the government after fighting Obamacare is why I really supported Ted Cruz.”

Wright said she was an early supporter of Cruz, remembering his fight for religious liberty while Solicitor General. “His words weren’t just words, they were actions already put into place ­­– like the cases he tried as a solicitor general. So I said, we need to get this young man elected,” and that they did.

During that election cycle, and every one since, she showed up to events with her bag of bumper stickers and campaign swag and made sure everyone knew who she was supporting. “In 2015 I had five statewide candidates and I’d set up a table with a stack of all of their stuff and people could either get bumper stickers or other stuff.”

Wright doesn’t just represent her conservative candidates at events, she uses Facebook and Twitter to fire up activists and get the word out. She also creates her own sample ballot and includes local candidates to encourage others to support solid candidates.

Like many activists, she wants to see change in the Texas House and will keep working until that happens. She even had a message to the House for this special session: “We’re making a list and watching them [the representatives] this special session,” she said. “If they don’t do these things and more, we need to replace them.”

Her efforts stem from one reason: she wants to leave a better country for her two children Georgia and John, and grandchildren Aaron and Robert.

“My main goal is to preserve our U.S. and Texas constitutions, and get them to enforce the law. Secure the border and fight for our religious liberty. I want my children to be able to worship God freely.” Religious liberty is a primary concern of hers, along with constitutional carry, property taxes, red light cameras, and toll road. She is unabashedly pro-life as well, saying, “We will be held accountable someday, as a country, for all of the aborted babies.”

When not being a friendly face for Cruz, Wright also works with DFW groups like the 9/12 Group, North East Tarrant Tea Party, Republican Women of Arlington, Parker County Conservatives, and Texas Patriots Tea Party – of which she is a founding member.

“I’ve got to spend my time and money on what will help our children and grandchildren in this country.”

If you’re looking for Maggie Clopton Wright, just look for her Cruz-mobile or Cruz 2018 bumper stickers!

Charles Blain

Charles Blain is the president of Urban Reform and Urban Reform Institute. A native of New Jersey, he is based in Houston and writes on municipal finance and other urban issues.


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