I hear that there’s a bunch of mayors who want permission from the governor to mandate masks.

Did the governor give mayors permission to regulate signage or smoking? I don’t think so. City councils have the power to make general laws about lots of things. I am unaware of any rule or limitation that says a city council cannot make an ordinance that requires people to wear masks in public.

Of course, I would be against such an ordinance, but I post this here to remind people of what enormous cowards these people are—just begging the governor to make a rule so they can hide behind the skirts of a higher authority, rather than make a decision themselves and be responsible for their spineless behavior.

Here’s the thing: the governor does not make law, and this virus disaster* does not change that. But if your modus operandi is to dodge responsibility for hard questions, and your main goal is to stay in line with the most ludicrous assertions of the far left to avoid becoming a target, then, as my friend Leonidas once said, “May you live forever.”

*It is a strange disaster in which politicians are deciding which businesses can and cannot stay in operation based on politics.

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Warren Norred

Warren Norred is an attorney in Arlington, Texas.


The Deafening Silence of Fear

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